Företag: Wisby Ship Management AB

Chief Engineer/Teknisk chef

Wisby Tankers/Wisby Ship Management is a genuine shipping company, owned and managed by the founders. We have the traditional functions of a shipping company in-house, such as ownership, technical management and HR & crewing, HSE-function, ship operation, project development and construction site supervision. Today our managed fleet consists of 18 modern vessels. Our ships represent the highest quality and safety standard with an average age of 5 years.

We are looking for an experienced Engineer with a passion for shipping. You also need documented experience in the operation of semi-electronic and fully electronic 2-stroke engines, and extensive experience from chemical/oil tankers.

Who are we looking for?

To perform this job successfully, you must have a high level of safety awareness, good leadership capabilities, communication and team building skills, and enjoy working with improvements and developments onboard.

Our vessels trade around the globe, therefore experience in worldwide trade is required, as well as experience from third party inspections. We believe you are well skilled in the ISM-code, ISM-procedures, Consultas PMS system and IT software in general.

You need to be comfortable to interact with crew from different nationalities, in all various positions, and to have high degree of self-confidence and the ability to take decisions in demanding complex and high-pressure situations.

We apply the internationalization agreement.


  • A Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
  • Valid and updated STCW Manila Certificates
  • Excellent English proficiency, both verbal and written

Essential certificates required:

  • Certificate of competency as Chief Engineer (STCW III/2)
  • Certificate of proficiency in Advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations (STCW V/1-1.3)
  • Certificate of proficiency in Advanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations (STCW V/1-1.5)
  • Certificate of Proficiency for Basic Training (STCW A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/1-3, A-VI/1-4)

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